Hi, I'm Ingo
I'm a software developer and since 4+ years founder and CTO of MARA, a NLP startup to revolutionize customer feedback in the hotel industry. Building two software products, I had the opportunity to look deep into every aspect of software development, from Backend to Frontend, from Devops to Data Science.
With a Ph.D. from the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology, I have expanded my theoretical knowledge in the field of NLP and Machine Learning.
Before founding I worked as Data Scientist for McKinsey & Company, developing ML models across diverse industries after my studies of Mathematics and Ecomomics.
I'm passionate about building software that is elegant, simple, and performant. I'm always interested in technical discussions and knowledge exchange, so feel free to reach out to me.

My skills

My toolkit encompasses a blend of front-end and back-end languages, fortified with a robust understanding of cloud providers, serverless infrastructures, and both SQL and NoSQL databases. While a selection of my favored technologies can be found on the left, over the years a worked with a wide range of different tools and technologies. An detailed overview of my skills can be found on the skills page or in my CV. For example:

Python: Python is one of my two main languages for backend work such as APIs, ETL and scraping. The complete backend of MARA consists of Python FastAPIs called by our Frontends as well as by platform customers who integrate our language models via APIs into their platforms. Beyond that, Python is my primary language for NLP (MARA, Ph.D. etc.).